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Do you believe in the business of local news? We do!

High-quality local journalism is a valued product in short supply. So are reliable channels for advertisers to reach and create relationships with local audiences. Local news businesses used to be very profitable (and employ an industry’s worth of professionals). How can local journalism return to its past business success?

The mission of Local News LLC is to enable and operate a profitable business model for local news, beginning with our premiere and flagship publication, the McKinley Park News. Its multiple revenue streams include subscriptions, sponsorships and display advertising, joined with upcoming merchandise, commercials in video news and professional services for Sponsors and advertisers.

The core of our success is a return to the basics: reliable, factual, local news and direct advertiser relationships. News is our product, offered with the understanding that its value depends entirely on trust, a relationship that retains primacy through all our business and publishing operations.

Our direct relationships with advertisers deliver more for their dollar and realize better profit and repeat business for us. It helps in other ways, too: Our internal ad system beats ad blockers and mitigates well-justified user concerns about tracking and consumer surveillance.

Powering everything is our low-cost, high-value publishing platform: a customized, best-in-class open source system that we run ourselves. Besides being unencumbered by restrictive licensing, our platform is modular and templatized, allowing it to be rapidly rebranded and redeployed for adjacent neighborhoods, such as those represented in our portfolio of .news domain names.

Our plan anticipates the success of the McKinley Park News as the basis for expansion. However, as a bootstrapped start-up, we understand that funding is often required to jump to the next stage of growth. Given this, we seek networking and collaboration toward building our business’ expansion, as well as early stage relationships with prospective investors.

Do you want to profit and innovate by investing in local news? Are you interested in collaboration or mentorship? Can you recommend resources? We encourage all qualified individuals and enterprises to reach out (contact info below).

Thank you for your interest and consideration. Together, let’s bring back a thriving local news industry!

— Justin Kerr | (312) 560-1115
Publisher, McKinley Park News
CEO, Local News LLC

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