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Free Training for Construction Careers

3 months 2 weeks ago #1 by Justin Kerr
The McKinley Park neighborhood's fantastic National Latino Education Institute (NLEI) provides so much good in our community, especially its free programs like the CONSTRUCT Infrastructure Academy, which is now open for enrollment.

This 11 week-long, no-cost training program delivers hands-on experience and directly actionable knowledge to build lifelong, prosperous careers in the construction industry. The CONSTRUCT academy provides experienced trainers who teach fundamental construction skills as well as highly useful knowledge like OSHA safety standards and permit instruction for commercial drivers licenses.

CONSTRUCT delivers hands-on work experience so students can directly explore various construction career paths. This comes alongside huge amounts of support to onboard graduates immediately into careers: job placement, resume prep, union and trades orientation, interviewing techniques, and more. I've written before about how NLEI offers both launchpads for careers, as well as support for core life skills to ensure graduates enjoy all aspects of their futures.

Requirements to enroll are only that prospective students be at least 18 years old, have a high school diploma or GED, and have a driver's license. Anyone who wants to sign up or get more information should send email to or call (773) 395-1924.

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