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WGN Radio talks AI theft of local news

3 months 2 weeks ago #1 by Justin Kerr

I was deeply honored to be featured this weekend on WGN Radio 's "Outside the Loop" show, which broadcast on Saturday morning, June 3, 2023, and is also distributed through podcasts and its website: Click here to listen to this weekend's episode.

Host Mike Stephen engaged in a fascinating conversation about the theft of our and others' local news content by operators and purveyors of large language models: the core technology powering the current wave of human-seeming "AI chat" applications.

"It's scary, because it could put you out of a job," Mike said as part of our great conversation. "This is coming for everyone. This is going to be very widespread, probably in the not-too-distant future."

I was so happy to make Mike's listeners aware of this critical issue for local journalism and plumb some topics previously not considered in detail, including liability for funders of this theft: "I can't see how any investor in AI would not be worried about how their investment might get tied up in all sorts of court cases and big litigation problems."

The episode featured lots more great talk on AI's theft o local news content: Click here to listen to this episode of Outside the Loop.

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