About the McKinley Park News

The McKinley Park News covers Chicago's McKinley Park neighborhood and its people, institutions and enterprises by publishing community information and enabling channels of communication. It offers original and aggregated neighborhood news, plus a local events calendar and other neighborhood-focused features.

The McKinley Park News operates with the highest standards of journalistic integrity in order to offer accurate, reliable and balanced accounting of the news affecting the neighborhood. It brings together diverse voices and sources to present important neighborhood information in a single place, helping connect the neighborhood's three ethnic enclaves of Hispanic, white and Chinese populations. As a nascent publishing business, it works toward solvency and then profitability through offering a variety of advertising and other services to customers who wish to connect with local consumers. All advertising and paid content appearing in the McKinley Park News is clearly marked as such, as is content containing opinion or commentary.

The coverage area of the McKinley Park News includes the entirely of the McKinley Park neighborhood, which stretches from Interstate 55 on the north to Pershing Road on the south, and the South Branch of the Chicago River (aka "Bubbly Creek") on the east to the CSX railroad tracks and viaduct on the west. The McKinley Park News also reports on the blocks touching the southern edge of Pershing Road, including the historic Central Manufacturing District.

The McKinley Park News has its origins in the McKinleyPark.org website, which first began listing local events in 2012 after McKinley Park resident Justin Kerr acquired the domain name and built an interactive website to provide neighborhood news and information, as well as user memberships, discussion forums and online community features. After a period of downtime starting in 2014, the McKinleyPark.org site returned in March 2016 with a new mix of features, including support for mobile devices. In October 2016, the identity of the effort was changed to the McKinley Park News to more accurately reflect the activities and business focus of the publication, including adoption of the new www.mckinleypark.news domain name and redirecting all traffic from mckinleypark.org. The McKinley Park News hosts the former website's content alongside updated community news and features.

For more information, contact the McKinley Park News via any of the means listed on the website's Contact page.